Report on Vernacular Heritage Valorisation

Report on Vernacular Heritage Valorisation

About the "Report on Vernacular heritage Valorisation of the Adriatic region".

This “Report on Vernacular heritage Valorisation of the Adriatic region” has been produced within the project EX.PO AUS (EXtension of Potentiality of Adriatic UNESCO Sites), a cross-border project co-financed by the EU within the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007–2013.

The general objective of the EX.PO AUS project is to set up a network between the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Adriatic Sea area (including sites on the Tentative List or those planning to apply for inclusion on this list), which will be able to develop in a cross-border context, and diffuse high-quality technical and managerial competences by means of the various public and private actors involved, with the aim of pursuing a joint long-term strategy for the sustainable development of the sites based on high levels of managerial, technological and energy-related innovation. One of the outputs of the EX.PO AUS project is a multilingual publication on vernacular heritage valorisation (printed in 150 copies).

Activities within the Working Package 4, part related to the vernacular heritage valorisation were realized by the Commission to Preserve National Monuments, Bosnia and Herzegovina in partnership with the City of Dubrovnik, the Centre for Conservation and Archaeology of Montenegro, Istria Region and  Office for Administration and Cooperation of Butrint.

This Report is a result of the activities implemented within the Working Package 4, group for vernacular architecture.

You can download “Report on Vernacular Heritage Valorisation” (both in English and local languages, from the section Documents (on the bottom left).