Invitation to the Final Conference of EX.PO AUS

Invitation to the Final Conference of EX.PO AUS

The City of Dubrovnik, as Lead Beneficiary, and the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Dr. Andro Vlahusic, would like to welcome you to the Final Conference of the Adriatic IPA CBC 2007-2013 project called EX.PO AUS/0037 - “EXtension of POtentiality of Unesco Adriatic Sites”, which will be held in Dubrovnik this February 2-3, 2016.

On February 2nd, The City of Dubrovnik, as Lead Beneficiary, will organize an international conference on the:  “EXtension of POtentiality of Unesco Adriatic Sites – Sharing the Future Without Borders”, which will be open to the general public, to experts and professionals in the field, and to various institutions dealing in heritage management issues, cultural tourism, energy efficiency, etc.

The Final international Conference will gather all the partners from seven countries across the Adriatic area, both EU and non-EU. Together, we have diligently worked over the last 3 years towards the creation of a future where our combined results can be shared in an Adriatic community without borders. Lessons learned – lessons shared.

On February 3rd, the Project Partners will meet in the renovated complex Lazareti next to the Old Town in order to discuss the final wrap-up details related to the project, which will officially end on February 29, 2016. As a note, the Lazareti restoration project was chosen for a Poster Exhibition at the OWHC World Congress held in Arequipa, Peru last November 2015.

The above two dates were specifically chosen as they represent the essence of Dubrovnik as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Festivity of Saint Blaise, listed as UNESCO Intangible Heritage in September 2009, has been celebrated annually on February 03rd for already 1,044 years, along with the City of Dubrovnik Day. The year 2016 also marks 1,700 years of honoring the Martyrdom of Saint Blaise. Accordingly, the City of Dubrovnik has designated the year 2016 as the Year of Saint Blaise.

You will be able to experience the spirit of Dubrovnik, along with our project partners, during these two days… the essence of truly being a UNESCO site.

The City of Dubrovnik is renowned for its heritage, its traditions, and its warm welcome, for the city gates are always wide open to the world.

We hope to have you with us.

Invitation to the Final Conference can be downloaded from Documents section (on the bottom left).